About Us

Classic Glass was established in November of 1974 by William Brodie and Kenneth Felton, two industrious young men with extensive experience in the glass industry. At first, these two partners only handled automotive glass replacement. Soon they recognized the growing need for specialized glass replacement services for foreign vehicles. This phase of the business has played an important part in our firm’s history.

Less than three years after the formation of Classic Glass, it became necessary to move to a larger establishment, and in 1985, the total workspace doubled due to the demand and the reputation we were developing. Our successful past has been the cornerstone to building a bright outlook for the future.

The Expansion of Our Glass Fabrication Capabilities

The fabrication and installation of custom mirrors and shower enclosures is another phase of our operations that experienced rapid growth. Since 1977, this aspect of our business has brought us into the greater Boston area’s newest and most elegant hotels, condos, and businesses, as well as residential homes old and new. It helped us develop a fine reputation that we are proud to maintain.

Exceptional Leadership and Customer Service

Since Bill Brodie became sole owner the firm in 1985, our glass company has made additional strides in the areas of sales, personnel, and customer service. Both Bill and his wife, Bobbi, are active in the local and national levels of the glass industry. They are both highly respected by their colleagues for the high standards they maintain and their contributions to the growth of the industry as a whole. Commenting on the history of Classic Glass, Bill Brodie noted…

“The history of our firm has been growth though service. When we started, we were convinced that the glass business offered growth opportunities for those with the talent and the willingness to work diligently. We still see a strong future for the glass industry, and we look forward to being an integral part of its successful growth for many years to come.”

Contact us today to learn more about why our glass company is the right business to handle your glass design and installation needs. We proudly serve the Greater Boston area.