Custom Glass in the Greater Boston Area

At Classic Glass, we do wonders with custom glass design and fabrication. From architectural additions such as glass staircases and mirrored walls to one-of-a-kind glass windows and doors, our team is highly adept at creating custom glass in the Greater Boston area. We provide convenient service and affordable prices on custom glass installation.

Your Personalized Custom Glass Design

During your initial consultation, we discuss exactly what type of glass or mirror products you want. We tailor our service to accommodate each individual customer. For example, if you are a remodeling contractor and require us to fabricate a mirror of a certain size and shape, our company will create the product to your specifications and handle the installation if you desire. On the other hand, if you are a homeowner that wants to remodel you bathroom but are not quite sure how to best upgrade your glass windows or bathroom mirrors, we are happy to lend our expertise

When you hire our glass company, you have control over every aspect of your custom glass or mirror. Whether it is for a storefront entrance or the bay windows outside your bedroom, we can design the glass product, fabricate it, and deliver it directly to you. We also recommend you allow us to perform the installation to ensure professional results.

Complete Custom Glass Installation

If you want the best deal on custom glass, trust our company to handle everything. We have a skilled team of glass design experts and our shop is equipped with advanced glass fabrication equipment. This allows us to keep every part of the fabrication process in house, which in turn keeps costs low. We then package the custom glass installation as part of the total cost, giving customers unbeatable value.

For large glass installations, we need to measure the room or area beforehand to ensure we have the right dimensions for the product. We then come back and perform the installation once the product is ready. You can rest easy knowing your newly installed glass or mirror will look amazing once we finish the job.

Contact us today to begin the process of creating your custom glass product. We proudly serve the Greater Boston area.

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