Wall Mirrors in the Greater Boston Area, Massachusetts


One reason Classic Glass is the premier glass company  in the area is our ability to create customized wall mirrors in the Greater Boston area. From basic, frameless mirrors to ornate beveled ones, we can design the perfect mirror that reflects your personal style (literally and figuratively). No matter what kind of mirror you want, if you are looking for quality, we offer the best value you will find in the greater Boston area.

Unique Designs for Bathroom Mirrors

Bathroom mirrors should be multifunctional. They need to be large enough and set at the right height for people of every height to use them effectively. Nobody wants to bend their knees to brush their hair every day. If you have a larger bathroom that accommodates multiple people, such as an office or master bathroom, you need the mirror to have sufficient horizontal length.

You also want your bathroom mirrors to be attractive. Regardless if your bathroom is sparsely decorated or filled with pictures and indoor plants, a mirror with a handsome frame or a unique shape will instantly improve the overall appearance. Set up a consultation with our mirror and glass experts and we can create a custom mirror with the optimal size and design for your bathroom.

Advantages of Attractive Wall Mirrors

A well-placed mirror gives a room the illusion of additional space. The reflection essentially doubles the visible space, which is why mirrors are an ideal decoration for bathrooms, hallways, or any other room in the house. A mirror also increases the amount of light provided by lamps and overhead lighting as well as natural light that enters through windows. This increases the visibility in a room without the need for an additional light source, which can also save you on energy costs because you do not need to use indoor lighting as much.

If there is hole or discolored patch of paint on a wall in your home, a mirror is a smart way to cover it up. You can get a small, low-cost mirror to hide minor damage to walls, or we can create a customized mirror that has the size and shape you need to cover larger areas.

A large, beautiful mirror can often be the decorative centerpiece of a room, especially if you let our experts handle the design and fabrication. We will even help you decide the ideal height to place the mirror and then perform the installation. You will love they wall your personally made mirror lights up the room ties everything together.

Wall Mirrors

Contact us today with any questions about our selection of mirrors and our custom design options. We proudly serve the Greater Boston area.